Friday, February 12, 2010

my world...

I guess I love where I live.

I come from this seaside place, near blackpool.
Blackpool can be pretty rough in places, but I was walking through the other day, and this side street just looked so pretty, in its own little way. It was like beauty in something just so average.
You might not see it, and just see a dirty alley, but to me it's beautiful.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Winter is on its way out, I can feel it.
And even though I complain about it, and even though its cold, and wet and dark, I have to say it; Winter is beautiful.

There were some days I will never ever forget.

The first day of snow in the whole winter. Jeez, that was pretty.

The day me and Joe went down to the beach with the camera, just to take pictures, I've never seen snow on a beach before, it was so weird, like snow on sand, but like really pretty too. And it was such a good day just being with him.

The colour of springtime is the flowers, the colour of winter is in the imagination - Ward Elliot Hour

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This world.

sometimes it gets me down.

I heard this nice song today, and tracked it down on youtube, it was so pretty, and sure made me smile.
So, i scrolled down to read the comments, and all there was were comments mocking the guys name. 'Ben Cocks'
I just dont get people.


I heard that Taylor Swift song 15 today.
It made me sad, I feel like i am the girl in the song.
You know, the one who gave everything to a boy, who changed his mind.
I feel like everything is so fragile.
and sometimes, i am feel like it will be forever, and i act like it will.
i dont know anymore.

when you are 15, and someone says they love you, you are gonna' believe them.

I wish...

I wish I was good at drawing.

I wish I was as pretty as Audrey Tautou.

I wish I didn't worry about things so much.

I wish I knew how you were feeling, wether you like me still, wether this is your way of pulling away.

I wish my hair was nicer.

I wish I didn't cry at all the sad films.

I wish someone would tell me things, so I don't have to hear them second hand.

I wish you were ok.

I wish someone would call me, I need to talk.

I wish my favourite film was on.

I wish you were here.