Monday, May 31, 2010

because i love this film.

because i love this book.

because to me, you are like chocolate. i don't love everything that goes into chocolate on its own, but i love the combination. it's perfect.

because i love summer.

stuff i love.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

trees are pretty don't you think.
i said that in my wood tech class today, and my teacher laughed at me.
its true though. thats why i took a picture of this one.

want to know a secret?

i actually love you. so so much. i love your smell, i love your eyes, i love the feel of your hair, i love the way you twitch when you laugh, i love lying with my head on your chest, and hearing you hum along to whatever folk music we decided to play, i love how you listen to music i recomend you, i love how you make me playlists, i love it when you sometimes find me funny, and i love how sometimes, i forget just how beautiful you are, and then i see you, and my heart stops, i love how you dont mind when i just want to watch life on mars, or whatever tv show im obsessing over that week, i love how you call me when you know i am upset, and i love how you actually care, i love how you carry a letter i wrote you in your wallet, i love how you draw, and i love your handwriting, i love that you just have one dimple, i love that you talk to me about anything, and i love that i can talk to you about anything, i love that i can't get you out of my mind, and i love your taste in music, i love how you can eat so much, and still be as skinny as hell, i love how you dress, i love how you think differently to everyone else i know, i love how you make me laugh, and i love that you love me back.