Monday, August 30, 2010

dear you,

holy crap, i love you.
and holy crap, you love me.

when i went away, i was so scared that you would just not miss me, not fall out of love with me; i'm not that insecure anymore. but i still thought, you would just not really realise i was gone, which made it very hard when i missed you alot. i just missed your smell, and talking to you, i guess i forgot what you sounded like.
but then i got back, and turned on my phone, and aww hell, you texted me everyday, even though you knew i couldnt reply, just to like talk to me in a way. i nearly cried, no lie. because, whilst i've been away, i read a few nice 'summer romance' books, but well, none matched up to you. you are prefect for me.

we're better now than ever before. i love how when i called you we just talked about weird dreams we had whilst we were away, i can just talk about anything with you.

even if we end up breaking up badly, with arguments and the like, (i doubt we will, but you never know) i will never regret you. you're one of the best friends i've ever had, and i know i am so happy with you. i'm glad i met you.

love, grace

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear you,

Its weird you being away, its usually me who is away, and i suddenly find myself with alot of free time just doing nothing.
I like it when you text me, saying things like how you think i'd like amsterdam, and about artist you want to show me, i like that you're thinking of me.

I did a drawing kind of thing today, its like an idea i had, crossed with the idea you had, i'm quite proud of it. jeez, i have too much spare time.

Love, grace.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

dear you,

so, i guess i love you.
you are a completley flawed imperfect human being, but i love you.
you're so volatile, argumentative, and obnoxious, and yet, if you wern't like that, there'd be something missing from you.

i guess i love how you make me feel about me.
i love myself in my own flawed, imperfect way. you love that i am clumsy, awkward and just genrally a mess, so i'm instantly less worried about being a general mess. i have my own doubts about my apperance, but hell, the more you call me beautiful and pretty, the more i can actually believe that mabye i'm not a giant ugly beast. now, you know i'm not perfect, but you still love that about me, i'm not the skinniest ever thing, but you say i'm just right for you, and thats all i want to be; just right for you.

i'm going to miss you whilst you are away for this week, and them i'm going to miss you when i am away for a few weeks soon.

i love your hands.

love, grace.