Monday, August 30, 2010

dear you,

holy crap, i love you.
and holy crap, you love me.

when i went away, i was so scared that you would just not miss me, not fall out of love with me; i'm not that insecure anymore. but i still thought, you would just not really realise i was gone, which made it very hard when i missed you alot. i just missed your smell, and talking to you, i guess i forgot what you sounded like.
but then i got back, and turned on my phone, and aww hell, you texted me everyday, even though you knew i couldnt reply, just to like talk to me in a way. i nearly cried, no lie. because, whilst i've been away, i read a few nice 'summer romance' books, but well, none matched up to you. you are prefect for me.

we're better now than ever before. i love how when i called you we just talked about weird dreams we had whilst we were away, i can just talk about anything with you.

even if we end up breaking up badly, with arguments and the like, (i doubt we will, but you never know) i will never regret you. you're one of the best friends i've ever had, and i know i am so happy with you. i'm glad i met you.

love, grace

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